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Musical Video

La Fée Déchirée by Sonia Keating «En Terre Hostile»

Directed by Ana Maria Camejo and Laia Ribas

Assistant of director by Javier Kuhn Direction of

photography by Efehymia Zymuragaki

Digital painting and collage of «The garden of the earthly delights» by IEX Camera

operation by Ana Maria Camejo

Laia Ribas

Vincenç Viaplana

Edited by Ana Maria Camejo

Laia Ribas

First release from the debut album of Mástil: ¨El Conjuro¨ El Conjuro by Mástil Music: Pol Moreno Lyrics: Amós Piñeros Lyric video created by Ana María Camejo Typography and logo montage: Adrian Jursich

Clip extrait du disque ETTOO Musique et réalisation Hugues Le Bars ; Assistante réalisation Ana Maria Camejo ; Images Yvan Dupont ; Montage Michel Huguet ; Photos Patrick Swirk .

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