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Luigerman and Adrian Manzano

October 20th to November 20th 2016

Espacios y Rostros is a snapshot of two worlds smashed together. It is the result of the journey of these two artists; the people they have encountered and the spaces they have lived.


What makes up our lives are the spaces we live in and the people who share those spaces with us. All cities consist of people from different places. Some of those places are so different in culture, tradition, and spirituality that one could even say from "different worlds".


You can see it in our faces, New York City and Colombia, two different places, coming together with a Colombian and American artist. One inspired by his new home of glass and lights. The other by a resilient people who have faced slavery, war, colonialism and still manage to smile.

Painting: Monica Armel

Music by Pol Moreno

Video creating by Ana M

Antonia Zennaro

To the Wind

14 Sep 2017

Con una amplia asistencia se inauguró la obra de la fotógrafa Antonia Zennaro, los asistentes pudieron disfrutar este trabajo de fotografía documental, de imágenes impresas manualmente en telas, que muestran los rostros de personas que han experimentado más de 50 años de guerra y violencia, con una gran carga de memoria ancestral.

La curaduría estuvo a cargo de la artista Ana María Camejo de la Corporación Devincio (asociación sin ánimo de lucro que busca el mejoramiento de la interacción humana en los ámbitos de desarrollo social, político y cultural).

La Cónsul de Colombia en nueva York María Isabel Nieto le dio la bienvenida a la artista y a los asistentes destacando la importancia de contar historias a través del arte para preservar la memoria histórica y mostrar a las futuras generaciones la lucha de un pueblo que está construyendo la paz.

Fotos: John F Barragan


Andrew Ferguson

Un Alma Wayuu

March 15th 2018


Andrew Ferguson is an American visual artist and photographer. He received a BFA in Painting and Printmaking from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2011. Andrew’s work looks past the obvious. Using close observation and impromptu engagement of his subjects, he challenges us to see beyond the distraction of the noticeable and ask us to find the beauty in unusual places. In 2012 he moved to New York City to assist the internationally renowned artist JR. In 2014, while working on JR’s ‘Inside Out Project’ Andrew traveled to La Guajira, Colombia to create Un Alma Wayuu, a series of photographs that explores the humanity and depth of a resilient people who continue to persevere despite great adversity.








We art Colombia


We ask questions encouraged by our curiosity.

We want to redefine the concept of Colombian artists and bring something completely new, fresh, abstract and eye catching to our audience.

As artists, we don’t focus on faults or mistakes. We aim to create new topics and provoke new questions through our art-form and ideas, derived from how each of us see’s the world in our own way.

We present a variety of mixed-media art works – loaded collages, graffiti inspired canvases using stencils, Toy art and sculptures, showcasing a combination of techniques and demonstrating what we live as artists.

As Colombian artists, the work criticises certain aspects of Colombia and the rest of the world from a unique perspective, highlighting our evolution within the medium using light, colour, shape, texture, feelings, landscapes, conflicts, hardship, life, death, war, poverty, wealth, freedom, love, pain, faith – all wrapped in what we could call our urban culture, and how it has grown to become a symbol of globalization and the internet.

The era of hyper connectivity has served as a bridge connecting our inner world and as the impulse to bring our work to ROME.

There we aim to manifest free expression and title it.







Captura de pantalla 2020-02-04 a las 10.
Captura de pantalla 2020-02-04 a las 10.

Monica Armel

Monica Armel, is a Colombian painter who currently lives and works in New York City. She grew up in Pereira, a city of eternal spring, in the coffee triangle. Her early works were inspired by the colors, light, nature, and varied forms from this vibrant land, a land where chaos and beauty dance in perfect harmony.

Since moving to New York City in 2017, her art has become focused on finding her unique voice, and to connect with her feminine force.

Today, Monica’s work incorporates the speed and chaos of the City, which she draws inside herself, and releases spontaneously to create great movement in color and rhythm.







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